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2010 Global Marijuana March

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May 1st isn’t just “May Day”; it’s also the day where the world stands up and fights for the legalization of pot aka weed aka marijuana, otherwise known as the Global Marijuana March.  Rain or shine, thousands came out to show their support and who better to lead the group, Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, who was the grand marshall for the parade here in Toronto.  He’s supposed to surrender to US authorities this month but maybe if there’s a miracle, the Pot God’s will change the mind’s of US and Canadian authorities and he won’t have to go to jail for selling seeds on the internet.  You can sell or buy a gun online and do whatever you want with it but someone selling seeds is considered a danger to others.  Wtf.  Either way, over 300 cities took part in the rally and it’s only going to increase year after year.

But it looks like there was a celeb sighting…

Justin Bieber was there too!!!!!    OMG Bieber has reefer fever!!  Yeahhhhh!


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May 1, 2010 at 11:30 PM

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Another a fine example of a TTC employee “at work”.

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If anyone else catches these douchebags sleeping on the job, take pictures and post them anywhere you can!  I know I’ll be more on the look-out for it, regardless of what time of day it is, and I’ll be sure to which out my phone to take a pic.  Both this guy and George Robitaille (the more ‘famous’ guy who first got caught) should be suspended for 2 weeks at least, without pay.

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January 25, 2010 at 2:55 PM

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‘stache of the week and the shi*storm it has caused.

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Well, I have been waiting to post this picture of this “hard at work” TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) employee, taken a few days after the fare hike came into effect.  Not just because it’s ridiculous that someone was caught sleeping on the job, but the guy actually has a pretty sweet mustache!  Aside from his ‘stache, there’s nothing great about this photo, at all.

This photo has created major buzz (not the good kind) within Toronto, has gone viral online and amongst those who use the TTC, because not only is this guy (George Robitaille) probably making close to or just above 6 figures, but we’re paying $3 ONE WAY just to get to where we need to go.  Our subway system is maybe a quarter (maybe) of what NYC or London’s Tube has to offer, and we’re paying $3??!!?  He’s not the only person to ever fall asleep on the job; I’ve seen it happen in other places of business, but in such a public capacity as sleeping in the fare collector booth?  It’s bad enough we can barely talk to someone in one of those fare collector booths (in the subway stations) to get change or buy tokens without them talking to you like you’re a piece of crap; now we have to try to wake the person up and babysit them??  I don’t think so. 

The fare hike outraged the entire city and then to add insult to injury, a couple of riders caught George Robitaille (thank you!) and another employee, fast asleep while they’re supposed to be working.  Now, the TTC union is upset that riders didn’t pay attention to the employee and that someone who passed his booth should have attempted to see if he’s okay, instead of laughing at him.  Great, I mean, pathetic PR attempt.  Put the blame back on the riders, sure.  We’re always the TTC’s and the Amalgamated Transit Union’s scapegoats.  The union’s mini press release from president Bob Kinnear is just another example showing how stupid their leadership is.  If someone has a medical condition, or taking pills that will make them sleepy (that’s according to George Robitaille himself) then maybe they should be doing a different job within the organization.  Hey, union, you’ve heard of modified work, haven’t you?  They should not be placed in a position where the safety of others is at risk.

As a fellow Torontonian, TTC rider and tax payer, it’s getting to the point that hearing about the disgusting behaviour of huge organizations like the TTC and the kind of pampering that the employees receive through their union, just doesn’t garner the empathy or compassion in me at it once did.  While there are still thousands and thousands of people in Toronto alone trying to make ends meet or are still unemployed due to the recession, who now are forced to pay $3 to make it to a job interview, or $3 to get to an appointment, or $3 to take their child to school or day care, and that’s just one way.  How can the TTC and its union explain the justice in that?  Are they going to tell that person to take a cab, like I’ve been told by a TTC employee? 

Mr. Robitaille was inteviewed by the media and to try to clean up his image, he went on to say that he thinks “our priorities are a little mixed up”, he “can hold his head up high” because he’s been working for the TTC for almost 30 years and that he has a medical condition that can explain him falling asleep, or the fact that he saved someone’s life in 1995.  Priorities mixed up?  No.  Saying we booted Haiti off the cover of a national newspaper, to put a photo of you fast asleep while on the job, is not distorting our priorities.  Saving someone’s life is commendable, of course, but none of that changes the fact that you, Mr. Robitaille, got caught!

To try to make an attempt at pleasing the public, now the TTC is offering refunds on tickets (those that were to expire on Jan. 2, 2010) that were purchased after the sale of tokens was discontinued (when apparently too many people were “hoarding” tokens) up until March 31, 2010.

At the end of the day, if you need to get somewhere and having a car isn’t feasible for you, or you can’t afford to take a cab, we have no choice but to deal with the TTC, its half-ass employees and its semi-decent service.  I’m so glad that two people caught two different employees, both doing the same job as fare collectors, sleeping on the job.  Deep down we all know that the fare hike isn’t for operational costs; it’s merely to support the unions demands, fill up upper managements’ pockets even further, and to continue to overly pamper employees, when half of them are just a terrible representation of the TTC – rude, inconsiderate people who have no inclination of what custoer service really is.  TTC is not “the better way”.

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January 25, 2010 at 2:45 PM