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Woah, 2009 in review….

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Man, where to begin.  2009 has definitely been an eventful, tragic, random and strange year, to say the least.  I know there are dozens and dozens of ‘top 10’ this and ‘top 10’ that, but this is my retrospective on 2009.

◙   The tragic and sudden death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  This most certainly tops my list for what has happened in 2009, and I don’t care what anyone says.  People are still talking about it and he passed away on June 25.  Even though the rest of the family (ie. his brothers and Latoya) have tried to monopolize on their brother’s death, is tacky and distasteful, it still doesn’t downplay the fact that he’s gone. 

◙   The continuation of the stupid recession aka economic downturn aka tough economic times.  Glad that we don’t hear those statements every two seconds in the media, but it still negatively effected all of us, especially those who lost their jobs and are still struggling to make ends meet.  I empathize with you completely and I hope 2010 treats you much better.

◙   What goes hand-in-hand with tough economic times?  Douchebag fraudsters who deserve all the pain and suffering = Bernie Madoff, for example, or even Earl Jones, who was dubbed the ‘Canadian Madoff’ – he wasn’t as successful in milking billions like Madoff was.  Succkkeerrss…

◙   Whitney Houston’s comeback post-crack-chronic-Bobby Brown. 

◙   The fast-unravelling of Tiger Woods’ life and bag of dirty secrets: the pathetic ‘accident’ he had in front of his house; the few dozen women who’ve come out admitting to their affairs with him, the loss of his big endorsements and his indefinite leave from pro golf.  Hahahahaha another sucker!!  Elin, take him to the cleaners, girl!!!

◙   The neverending steroid saga in baseball….shouldn’t have been a surprise that the Yankees won the World Series this past year.  A-Rod loves steroids and I’m sure the rest of the team relishes in them too.  Woopdeedoooo!

◙   Who could forget (I almost did) the passing of the best ad-man of all time — Billy Mays.  Oxyclean will never be the same without him; frankly no cheesy infomercial is the same without “Billy Mays here!!”.

◙   The volatile and wonky stock market – from hitting record lows to silly highs (can we say Apple or Google stocks??).  If you were brave enough (or had some really good insider tips) and managed to keep your investments in the market throughout the rollercoaster, you probably made some good $$$$. 

◙   From Lady Gaga, Drake, Adam Lambert’s steamy AMA performance, to hearing more crappy Miley Cyrus songs on the radio, and who can forget Kanye’s “Imma let you finish” moment….the music world has seen some definite action this year.  Drake, hurry up and release your album already – we’re all patiently waiting, friend; the mixtapes aren’t cutting it anymore.

◙   Oh, as much as I want to forget this – the ‘big 3’ automakers asking for their ridonculous and uncalled-for bailouts.  We taxpayers will be paying for that crap for the next 20 years…..bureaucracy democracy!!!

◙   Susan Boyle made waves with millions and millions of hits on youtube and setting records for album sales in the UK and the US.  Another lesson to Simon Cowell and the rest of the world – don’t judge a book by its cover.

◙   The television world had some new life breathed into it with ‘Glee’ being brought to the airways.  Alongside the last episode/series finale of The Sopranos, and ‘Glee’, they both contributed to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, becoming the most downloaded song in iTunes history.  Personally, I think The Sopranos had more to do with it…..

◙   Ellen DeGeneres finally joined Miss Oprah Winfrey on the cover of ‘O Magazine’, being only the second person to join Oprah on the cover (after First Lady Michelle Obama, of course).  Congrats again, Ellen!!

***Dang, how could I forget – honourable mentions, so to speak:
– Balloon Boy:  it’ll never be referred as the Seinfeld character anymore…
– Chris Brown & Riiiihanna draaaaama : hit her again, and slap some steak on it!  or did she hit him too?  Draaama.
– The passing of numerous stars: Charlie’s best and original angel, Farrah Fawcett, and one of the coolest US politicians ever, Edward “Ted” Kennedy…In addition to Patrick Swayze (I’ll heart Dirty Dancing forever!) and Natasha Richardson, most famous for her role as Lindsay Lohan’s mother in The Parent Trap.
– President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize??  Still scratching my head on that one…


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December 31, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Happy 70th anniversary, ‘The Wizard of Oz’!!

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September 27, 2009 at 6:59 PM

Time warp!

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Ohhhh how I remember this episode like it was yesterday!  Even back then I thought that guy was really cute – not knowing who Brad Pitt was when I was a pre-pubescent…

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September 12, 2009 at 3:28 PM

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