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Haiti needs our help, not criticism and wack opinions from Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.

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3 days have gone by since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti; the country’s worst natural disaster in over 200 years.  Not only has this tiny nation been plagued with so many other serious issues (government corruption, severe violence, diseases, poverty, etc) and now they have to somehow ‘deal’ and cope with trying to survive, rebuild their lives and literally an entire city, Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital.  Even though there is a huge outpouring of international support and aid making its way to the people of Haiti, it’s becoming more and more difficult for aid to arrive as the airport in Port-au-Prince was heavily damaged and their traffic control and tiny runway that’s left can’t handle all of the planes that are trying to land or even trying to leave.  Not only that, by land it’s just as difficult as a lot of roads are inaccessible because of the earthquake so even then it’s a huge challenge getting into the city.

Imagine: no hospitals, no water, no electricity, no food or possibly you’re trapped under tons of cement waiting for someone to try and save you but they can’t hear you because of all the rubble or that they actually can’t access a way to save you.  I can’t possibly fathom what it would be like and it really is heartbreaking seeing the images and reports on what’s going on. 

In true political fashion,whenever there is a severe and devastating natural disaster that has occured, there are always the jerks that turn it into a twisted way for them to benefit from it; who open their big bigot mouths and talk a bunch of nonsense that fools listen to and actually believe.  Take Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, as prime examples in relation to the Haiti disaster.  Rush Limbaugh already has enough haters, which clearly he doesn’t give a crap about because he’s still one of the most popular radio personalities in the US and he’s still getting paid too much money, talking a bunch of shit.  He went on his radio show to criticize Obama’s response to the Haiti disaster, that it was too quick since he didn’t come out right away and speak about the Christmas Day airline bomb attempt in Detroit.  He also thinks that the US is “the only people on earth that can possibly help them, in any significant way.” 

Oh realllllly Limbaugh.  His research that he claims he did includes that “Cuba has offered nothing” and “Venezuela has offered nothing since they have nothing to offer” in aid/support to Haiti.  Why would those be the only places that would or wouldn’t offer aid?  Clearly he hasn’t bothered reading any other form of international publication or report proving otherwise.  This also solidifies his absolutely deranged, distorted and fu**ed up mental state.  Oh, it gets better!  Crazyass Limbaugh then proceeds to criticize Obama for asking the American public, if they can, despite the troubles a lot of Americans are experiencing, to donate to the relief fund.  Obama didn’t ignore the fact that his own citizens are suffering, he fully acknowledged this fact in his press conference — so why is Limbaugh going off and saying that Obama didn’t pay any regard to that?  Why is he telling people not to donate money or that Obama is using the disaster to politically benefit from it?  There are thousands and thousands of people who are either dead, dying or waiting to be rescued….how can anyone possibly gain from this?  What further urked me about this dispicable man is that he even brought race into it – “This (the earthquake) will play right into Obama’s hands.  He’s humanitarian, compassionate. They’ll use this to burnish their, shall we say, credibility with the black community – both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. This is made to order for them.”  How dare he make this into a racial matter when he’s blatantly putting this emergency on the back burner when it should be the primary focus.  But people like him who have their head shoved so far up their ass don’t see it that way.

Then there’s the old, senile and other deranged individual, Pat Robertson, a televangelist who claims that the Haitians are to blame for what has transpired as they “swore a pact with the devil, saying we will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.  True story.”  Realllllly.  The best part is that he thinks the earthquake is “a blessing in disguise” as it could be a way for the country to rebuild itself, since “more buildings are falling than they are standing.”  He should be disgusted with himself.  You’re supposed to be some sort of religious figure?  What about that dumb chick who was standing next to him, listening to that psycho babble?  Why wouldn’t she say anything to oppose his bogus comments?  She’s just as much of an idiot as Pat Robertson is.

Many people have jumped to comment and criticize Limbaugh and Robertson’s disgusting and horrific comments over the past couple of days.  On a more mainstream scale, Keith Olbermann (of MSNBC) and Jon Stewart (Daily Show with Jon Stewart) summed up the overall sentiments of many of us out there….

Although I couldn’t find a video that had The Daily Show’s/Jon Stewart’s commentary about both Limbaugh and Robertson (Stewart even brought out the bible, reciting quotes from different passages) and fittingly told Robertson to “shut your piehole.”  Well put, Jon Stewart.  If you can watch last night’s show, please do.  (On a side note, the commentary he made of Glenn Beck’s interview with Sarah Palin comparing it to ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is also priceless and freakin hilarious.)

Shame on the individuals who support Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson and believe that their completely twisted perceptions and opinions could actually hold any ounce of fact or common sense.  People need to not make this into something for their own benefit; an entire country is suffering beyond belief and the entire world needs to step up and help Haiti.  In such desperate times, we all need to unite and divide ourselves further.  Donate if you can, even if it’s only $5.  We can all do our part.


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January 15, 2010 at 4:58 PM

This is just riiii-diculous.

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Anyone who thought about buying it, chose to purchase and actually use it, you’re a crazyass mofo.

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December 5, 2009 at 7:23 PM


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Happy 40th anniversary Sesame Street!  My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without you!  Cookie Monster will forever eat cooooookies!!!

I still love rubber duckies!!!

Intel has been handed another hefty lawsuit for it’s ridiculous business practices
◙  New York’s Attorney General has handed Intel an antitrust lawsuit for its “illegal business practices” – paying computer distributors big dollars to strictly use Intel processors as opposed to their competitor, AMD.  Well, as the saying goes, money talks and bullshit walks.

Yayyy, the New York Yankees have won another World Series
◙   It’s the 27th time they’ve won the championship.  I guess it makes everything better for all of America.

More H1N1 vaccine drama….
◙   Wall Street employees get access to the shot before millions of others who actually need the shot.  Here  in Canada, more professional athletes (NHL players, for example) are receiving the shot before the rest of the general public, which in both cases has people extremely upset.  We know why these groups got the shots before the average-Joe, but really, how are they more at risk than other people?  They’re the percentage of people who can actually afford any type of medical care they would need.  Once again, money talks……

12 dead after rampage shooting at army base in Texas
◙   A horrifying incident for all who were there at the Fort Hood military base in Texas today.  31 people were wounded and 12 people are dead after a fellow soldier started shooting at his own comrades.  It was thought that he was dead but he’s in hospital recovering from gunshot wounds as well, after a female soldier shot back at him.  Reports are saying that US authorities knew about the soldier (Major Malik Nadal Hasan) 6 months ago as he had posted threats on the internet about suicide bombings and other attacks, but they’re still questioning whether it really was him or not.  I wonder what will come out of all this – besides him getting the death penalty.  What a crazyass mofo.

◙   Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be co-hosting the Oscars.  I hope we can see some Jack Donaghey-ness on stage….I’m thinking it’ll be a good show.

◙   No Doubt is suing Activision (the makers of Guitar Hero) over the newest game “Band Hero” over a feature that allows players to control band members, to sing other artists’ songs. 

◙   Rihanna is finally sharing her side of the story.  Diane Sawyer interviews her on Good Morning America about the situation/abuse that took place between herself and Chris Brown, with the interview also showing on 20/20.  Timing couldn’t be any better with Rihanna’s new album coming out on November 23.  I’m sure she’s sincere about what she discusses but the timing of the interview is just a little wack, in my opinion at least.  Play on the heartstrings of young girls and women out there Rihanna and company, just to make a buck.

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November 6, 2009 at 3:01 AM

Crazyass Mofo: Usher

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Well, he’s not a complete crazyass mofo but it’s pretty close.  Check the clip below of Usher’s 911 call to report (again) that his truck was vandalized – and he accuses his ex-wifey of the deed.  Must be one fugly divorce or Tameka Raymond really is a crazy biotch.  Plus, whatever was going on in the background wherever Usher was at, didn’t sound fitting with the phone call – he even asked the 911 operator to hold…wtf.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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October 14, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Crazyass Mofo of the Month

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“Fool’s gold” may have rung true for one fellow.  Apparently some love and want gold more than others….To read more on this 2009 Darwin Award Nominee, click here.

I always thought a pot of gold was at the end of a rainbow….

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September 9, 2009 at 12:24 AM