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No Wyclef……you’re not President material, especially not for Haiti.

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By now most have heard that Wyclef Jean is in the running for the upcoming Haitian presidential elections.  What a way to pry on the youth of Haiti, who make up approximately 60% of the country’s population.  I agree with Sean Penn, it is a skectchy situation and what is reallllly in it for clef?  Will he just bring in American capitalistic ventures and initiatives that will do jack shit for the people of Haiti, and only make his pockets even deeper?  Read this story to read more about his reactions to Sean Penn’s comments.

I don’t know Wyclef Jean personally but I do believe that somewhere amidst the PR whoopla around Jean ever since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, he does have some sort of sympathy for the Haitian people.  But does he have empathy?  No.  He left Haiti at such a young age that he probably hasn’t experienced a quarter of what other Haitians have experienced.  So for him to say that he “understands the psychology of the Haitian  people ever since birth” is rather far-fetched and fabricated.  There’s just something about his wanting to become the president of Haiti that seems like he isn’t in it for the right reasons.


Written by the urban i-tie

August 9, 2010 at 5:53 PM

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  1. I’m not defending Wyclef Jean, because you’re probably right that the whole thing is just a big PR stunt for him.

    However, I’ve always found Sean Penn to be the dumbest actor in Hollywood (which is really saying something), so I usually just go with the opposite of what he says.


    August 9, 2010 at 9:05 PM

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